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Welcome to the first tumblelog dedicated to The Verve. Here you will find anything and everything relating to The Verve, and also Richard Ashcroft, RPA & The United Nations of Sound, Black Submarine (formerly The Black Ships) and other projects that former members of the band have worked on or are currently working on.

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Bought myself some treats, now i’m broke but whatever lol


    Bought myself some treats, now i’m broke but whatever lol

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    The Verve - Space and Time

    Made someone’s picnic, too close to my windows, unbearable with my music. Ha. Happy ^_^ Thanks to Verve. Wish it could repel mosquitos too.

    Nice work. ;)

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    "Deep Freeze: We had this idea for the beginning of the album, a collection of sounds going into the front of ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, city noises, computers, radios being tuned, a basic kind of urban madness going on. Just a short thirty second thing. We actually did it, put it on the front of BSS but decided it was kind of interesting the first time you heard it but after that it would get a bit tedious, so we sacked it off. We ended up using a couple of sound affect things we’d done for that with another one of Nick’s guitar loops. Throughout the album Nick would occasionally do some guitar loops. He’d go into the studio, fiddle about with his guitar and we’d be doing domething else. He’d come back in and say “can you record a bit of what’s going on out there”, and you’d listen to the guitar mics and even though he was standing next to me, his guitar was still playing a mad loop. We did that from time to time and there’s still quite a few that haven’t been used for anything. I like what this track does, it’s very simple - Nick’s guitar loop with a baby wailing and snippets of radio collected over time placed over the top."
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    *Good Morning…

    The Verve - The Thaw Sessions

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    The Verve - No Come Down (Full Album)

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    "Lucky Man: Another live vocal cut with the band before Christmas. I’d say definitely Tongy’s finest moment (he played most of the lead), very precise, smooth and melodic. I really like the stuff he plays on it. There’s a lot of dynamic in it, with the long intro, the middle section with the whole thing rising and rising and rising up to the break at the end. Twenty two strings were used and Nick plays a lot of interesting noise, there’s a lot of good Nick ambient guitar and some licks and stuff. Rich went off it for a while and for a time it looked like it wasn’t going to make it, which I could never understand because I think it’s fantastic and it’s one of the best loved tracks for a lot of people. It’s quite an involved track, there’s a lot of stuff on it and there’s another great string riff at the end."
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    drops food
    *bittersweet symphony starts playing*

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    *Sometimes I feel I’m trying too hard with you, and I don’t know why (I do, actually…)

    The Verve - The Verve EP (Full Album)

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