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Welcome to the first tumblelog dedicated to The Verve. Here you will find anything and everything relating to The Verve, and also Richard Ashcroft, RPA & The United Nations of Sound, Black Submarine (formerly The Black Ships) and other projects that former members of the band have worked on or are currently working on.

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Interview with Brian Cannon

Interview with Scott Causer

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    Oh my my my my we’re multiplying
    Always living under some cloud
    Always on the eve of destruction
    Make you wanna scream out loud

    — 14 hours ago with 6 notes
    #rather be  #lyrics  #the verve 

    Sometimes life seems to tear us apart
    I don’t wanna let you go
    Sometimes these feelings hit me, I start to cry
    ‘Cause I won’t ever let you go

    — 1 day ago with 2 notes
    #rather be  #lyrics  #the verve 

    So you’re born and 
    So you thought
    The future’s ours
    To keep and hold
    Oh child within
    Has healing ways
    It sees me through
    My darkest days

    — 2 days ago with 5 notes
    #catching the butterfly  #lyrics  #the verve 


    The Verve - Life’s Not a Rehearsal

    — 3 days ago with 11 notes
    #life's not a rehearsal  #the verve  #history 

    We have existence and it’s all we share

    — 3 days ago with 11 notes
    #space and time  #the verve  #lyrics 
    "I thought we were fucking playing today. What’s all this noise over here, eh? Mixin’ in with our airwaves."
    Richard Ashcroft during The Verve’s Harriet Island Lollapalooza 1994 set. (via checkthemeaning)
    — 5 days ago with 4 notes
    #richard ashcroft  #the verve 

    "There’s a lot of imagery in there [A Storm In Heaven] and it’s quite… I think because we’re so young and because I didn’t know what was in store for me life-wise, lyrically I used a lot of imagery and I think I needed to say the words that I said on this record [A Northern Soul] for cathartic reasons. And basically, you know, just growing up. Growing up in this world takes a bit out of you. And we’re lucky to have the medium of music to get it out. Do you know what I mean?”

    Verve on MTV 120 Minutes.

    — 6 days ago with 27 notes
    #the verve  #richard ashcroft  #a storm in heaven  #a northern soul