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Welcome to the first tumblelog dedicated to The Verve. Here you will find anything and everything relating to The Verve, and also Richard Ashcroft, RPA & The United Nations of Sound, Black Submarine (formerly The Black Ships) and other projects that former members of the band have worked on or are currently working on.

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Interview with Brian Cannon.
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    "there are no samples in this recording only truth.

    alan klein was a fat greedy pig.that’s a fucking fact.he was ugly to look at and evil too.what he did to the verve was a fucking shame.he had nothing to do with brian jones’s ideas and the piece of music they sampled.the verve was stupid to mention the sample.this version however is not a sample,its a pocket orchestra i created.it took me two hours to record and mix…


    - Anton Newcombe
    Listen to Bittersweet Irony by the Brian Jonestown Massacre here

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    Come on
    Let the spirit inside you
    Don’t wait to be found
    Come along with our sound
    Let the spirit move you
    Let the wave come up
    Confuse you
    I never met no one to deny our sound

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    Alone With Everybody Interview - Track 33

    Question:  Have you also been involved in the design of your website?

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    I must be feeling low
    I talked to god in a phonebox on my way home
    I told you my answer
    I left you my dreams 
    On your answering machine, Lord

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